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  • Safe Jobs in the EU

    Our Project aims at providing sustainable ideas for recruiters so that planned circular labour migrants can work in safe environments.

  • Responsibility in the Private Employment Agency Community

    The community of Private Employment Agencies in Armenia and in the EU are finally brought together, to do what they are best at - creating strong and sustainable environments for Armenians in Armenia and in the EU.

  • Quality Jobs in the European Union

    Be inspired by the quality jobs in the EU, bring your knowledge with you for your future. 

  • Bring Your Knowledge Back to Armenia

    Your own knowledge is needed in the European Union, but even more once you come back with new and fresh inspiration!

Welcome note

Dear visitor, this website is intended for companies providing employment services in Armenia and the EU. We are currently working on developing content and design for an information portal to provide maximum support in matching labor supply and demand between Armenia and EU countries. We adhere to principles and values in conducting our work, which include:

  • Circularity of labor schemes which ensure the return of labor migrants
  • Planned and/or semi-planned circular labor migration
  • Ensuring that the rights of all parties, circular labor migrants, private employment services in Armenia and the EU, as well as the employers are acknowledged
  • Only legal and contractual relations are fostered through this information resource
  • The support system is built with maximum account of efficiency and user-friendliness

Please feel free to navigate through the existing pages and learn about our activities.